12 March 2007


I was able to spend a few brief hours in parts of the Borough today - the first real time I've been back since March 2006. I've managed to drive through once or twice and visit the Greenwich/Lewisham border - but today I walked around Riverdale, Leegate, Blackheath and even managed to stop off at the New Welcome Noodle Bar on Lee High Road for Chicken Ho-Fun and a Carrot Juice - wonderful.

Managed a few snaps of the place and even surprised at a few new buildings - especially the St.John's Medical Centre on Loampit Hill. A welcome replacement for what was the Esso Petrol Station and then, for a few years, a piece of neglected land.

Lewisham Up High 00


max said...

You found my least favorite building in Lewisham. Excellent angle from the shopping centre car-park. That's how it looks at its best.

[moe] said...

I made of point of photographing it today :) I need to get on the top of the car park when the sun is setting! :)

max said...

Drinking a perfectly chilled Marguerita.