07 March 2007

Lewisham Legends & Lurkers

Whether you're a lurker or local legend - get your name up in html!
I'm looking for people who want to share their views on Lewisham by way of a mini-interview. Just answer the questions below (and add another two yourself if you want) and email back to me so I can post them on this blog. Include a photo of yourself or your favourite Lewisham things or both!

1.What is your connection to Lewisham and how long has it been?

2.What is your favourite part of the borough and why is it?

3.What building or landmark would you like to see demolished?

4.What building or landmark do you think is the best?

5.Whats the one thing you would change about the borough?

6.What do you think is missing from the borough?

7.What is the borough's best-kept secret?

8.The one thing you want to tell the net about Lewisham is......

I've had a bet with myself that if I'm lucky I'll get three responses, if I've really lucky I might get five - hopefully I'll get a flood and be proved wrong :) Don't be shy - the more the merrier.

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