14 March 2007

Council Tax Bands and Increases.

The Evening Standard ran a feature today regarding Council Tax and specifically the possibility of new Council Tax bandings for properties with a rateable value over £1M - effectively creating a Band I to go over the Band H.
It's all guesswork as the Lyon's Review hasn't been published yet but it gave the Standard an excuse to list how many properties sold for over £1M in 2006. Please note that this isn't how many there are in the boroughs, just those that sold in 2006.

The second part of the Council Tax feature was titled "Homeowners taxed £10 more for asylum seekers" and started "A London Council is adding £10 to it's average tax bill to cover the costs of failed asylum seekers." No, not Lewisham, but Hillingdon.
Of course, the headline was put next to a table showing Council Tax increases across the London Boroughs which is a bit naughty really considering that the Council Tax increases listed aren't the fault of failed asylum seekers at all but rather a multitude of factors. Anyway, I thought I'd include the list so you can see how Lewisham compares to the rest of London.


Andrew Brown said...

Interesting stuff. Can't work out whether that means there just aren't that many £1m houses in LBL or whether we've got a more settled population living in those houses.

(moe) said...

This is what baffled me at first.

I think it just means that there was more movement in the £1m+ market in Lewisham than say, City Of London or Newham.

My initial incorrect reaction was "They're saying there are only 8 properties worth over £1m in the borough!!!"