17 October 2005

Lewisham News Blog

Lewisham News Blog - the details.

Why a Lewisham News blog?

Because lots happens in Lewisham. When I was leaving I wanted to keep up to date with the news - the blog allows me to share the news I read with others.

So, you don't live or work in Lewisham?!

Correct! But I spent the first thirty years of my life in or around the place. Even though I lived on the Greenwich side of the border early on I socialised, went to school and spent my time in Lewisham as opposed to Greenwich. Then I moved to the borough and lived there for nine years as well as working in and for the borough at different times.

Do you earn money from the site?

No. We generate no income - there is no advertising and it's worth pointing out that it doesn't cost me either. The only thing I spend is my time. If you want to send money to me I'd prefer you sent it to a Lewisham based charity instead.

I clicked a link you have listed and it took me to a site about South Mongolian Cheese farmers. Whatthehell?

I'm sorry. I try to keep my links up to date but the blog world evolves quickly. Please let me know about any changes and I'll fix them. Is there Mongolian chedder?

Aren't you just stealing news items?

Borrowing. Actually, it's something I thought about for a long time. Originally I was posting whole articles which is a liberty. So I decided to take the start of a story and provide a link to the article - that way if someone is interested in the story I can hopefully give the source some hits they might not have otherwise received. The reader can scan the "tease" of the story and then decide if they want to click the link for the full story. My intention is not to take readers away from the newspapers or websites - we love those guys!

My dog was kidnapped from Lee Green! You didn't feature the story!

My apologies - I try my best to cover a wide range of stories and sometimes a story gets missed or forgotten. I'm more than happy to have people email me or use the comments to draw my attention to stories I've missed. ps. I hope you get your dog back.

So who is Lewisham News for?

Anyone who has a passing interest in Lewisham current affairs I guess. Check the tracker on the main page and you'll see that we have visitors from around the world. If I'm honest it's primarily for me to keep in touch with the place, but beyond that it's for anyone and everyone. I hope it proves useful or mildly entertaining to the people that read it. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome.


Jansen said...

Congrats on getting it set up! Hope my advice helped and hope you manage it for longer than I did :)

moe said...

Thanks Jay! It's hardly the beauty that is Typepad but it's cheap and effective. Good luck in Spain.

Andrew Brown said...

The good work continues. Wondered what happened to My Lewisham.

(moe) said...

Busy lives and changing circumstances :(

As I read the news updates I figured they should continue in a less visually impressive form for the moment.

richard proctor said...

Hi Lewisham News

I haven't searched your blog thoroughly and this might be the wrong place to post this kind of request, but there may be a huge piece of Lewisham news you are overlooking.

I'm a one of a group of residents who are concerned about the plans for the Lewisham gateway development.

It's a big complicated subject, but do you thing you could out a link to our website in your 'lewisham links'?

the website address is www.lewishamgateway.org

thanks very much