06 March 2006

Goodbyes to old friends.

So today I took a trip into Central Lewisham and the Riverdale Centre. It's been a while but I always end up needing to stop there for something.

Coming out of the lifts by WH Smiths I noticed the first loss of the day - the Childrens Play Area has not only gone, but the area has been filled with concrete. The climbing camels went many years ago but it's nice to have a central point of reference for the toddlers and this area always seemed packed and well loved. In recent times I've even seen a clown (no truth it was an ex-mayor) painting faces and making balloon animals. Oh well - another link to my early years has gone!

If you've ever found yourself standing outside by the Clocktower I'm sure you've seen Bill - the little old man who sold the Evening Standard in a booth outside Barclays Bank.
Through rain and storm, heatwave and hail I've seen the old guy stand in his dirty old coat and cloth cap selling the paper. Always friendly and happy - he made a great alternative to WH Smiths.

Imagine my sadness to find out that Bill has passed away. Sad news.


Andrew Brown said...

Dave has the low-down on the disappearing play area. Unfortunately it looks like some parents left children there unsupervised.

James Cleverly said...

First it was the big-mouthed animal bins, then the play area. Is nothing sacred?

(moe) said...

If anyone touches the Catford Cat I'll declare war! :)