19 March 2006

19 March 2006

Text pest is spared jail after finding new love

AN OBSESSED ex-boyfriend who bombarded a woman with unwanted telephone calls has been spared jail because he has found a new love. When Michael Josephs, 20, did not hear anymore from former girlfriend Zoe Snelgrove, from Catford, he even pestered her mother at work. But on Monday he had a 40-week prison sentence suspended for two years after the judge heard he had found a new love in Southampton.

16 hurt in bus crash

PASSENGERS were left injured and in shock after a packed bus smashed into a tree. The front doors of the 172 from Brockley Rise to St Paul's were mangled by the impact, trapping the distraught driver inside. Firefighters cut through the wreckage to reach him. The crash happened in New Kent Road, by the junction with Rodney Place, just after 4pm on Wednesday.

Schools setback as revamp is scrapped

PUPILS at two schools will have to continue learning in cramped conditions after refurbishment plans were scrapped. Lewisham council had drawn up proposals to revamp Ashmead, Childeric, Downderry and Gordonbrock primary schools. But at Wednesday's Mayor and cabinet meeting, Mayor Steve Bullock decided only the first two would benefit from a £9million Government grant.

Visitors can help improve care services

LEWISHAM Hospital has drawn up a new visitors' charter in partnership with its patients' forum. The charter recognises the important role visitors play in helping patients and sets out how they can best help the hospital, in Lewisham High Street, improve its patient care. It is part of a series of initiatives taken by the hospital to improve its services.

Do Elected Mayors make a difference?

A new collection of essays published yesterday by independent think tank the New Local Government Network (NLGN) concludes that elected mayors are improving local democratic engagement with the local media and the public, and are a stronger focal point for business and inward investors, acting as decision-makers for the whole community and not simply for council services.

Including essays from a number of the established mayors – Steve Bullock in Lewisham, Robin Wales in Newham, Dorothy Thornhill in Watford and Stuart Drummond in Hartlepool - Mayors making a difference reveals how elected Mayors are demonstrating leadership and communicating with the electorate.

“69% of Lewisham's residents think the Council is doing a good job - the third consecutive year this figure has increased and one which is now 5% above the London average. Recognition of the Mayor is at an all time high – at 38% in November 2005, compared to 16% two years previously”

Postie is dyslexic

Royal Mail bosses have hired a dyslexic postman. Jason Johnson sees door numbers the opposite way round. He tried to hide his condition when he applied for the job - but delivery office staff quickly spotted he was struggling.

Jason has been handed a regular route in Blackheath, South East London. He added: "They are giving me help. I'm on the same walk every day so I can get used to the numbers and the names."

Cash to pay for new safety barriers

THE area christened "Crapford" by one unimpressed News Shopper reader is set for a £5,200 makeover. The money, from the council's Catford Town Centre Improvement Grant, will be used to put up new safety barriers along Catford Broadway. Some of the cash will also go towards repairing damaged pillars and bollards and pay for 17 new stall covers for market traders.

Deputy mayor Councillor Gavin Moore said: "It is important we continue to enhance Catford market as it brings life and character to the area."

Planners set to reject Yellow firm’s proposal

A MULTINATIONAL company hoping to build a yellow-bricked warehouse on a "prime" residential site is set to have its seventh application rejected. Planning bosses look likely to confirm it will be unlucky seven for The Big Yellow Self Storage Company, which wants to build a warehouse in Baring Road, Lee.

Since 2001 the firm has had six applications rejected, to build a trademark yellow-bricked warehouse on the site. It hoped to make it seventh time lucky with its proposal, which would see the warehouse hidden' by 32 flats. But a Lewisham Council planning committee is recommending the application be rejected because the building would be "out of character" with the rest of the area.

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