26 March 2006

26 March 2006

Man shot at for telling travellers to leave his flat

A TRAVELLER who shot two bullets inside a flat after his plans for an early morning drinking session were rejected has been jailed for four years. Michael Ward, 28, pulled out his Smith and Wesson revolver and fired into a wall and a kitchen boiler. The Old Bailey heard on Tuesday how the men had turned up at the flat in Arnulf Street, Bellingham, at 4am on April 26 last year.

Danger as scientists predict rapid sea level rise for Lewisham

Sea levels will rise much faster than previously thought leading to the flooding of many cities unless major steps are taken to curb carbon dioxide emissions this century, scientists warn today.

In the London area, much of Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich, Tower Hamlets, Bexley and Barking and Dagenham would be under water, along with large areas of south Essex and north Kent earmarked for the Thames Gateway Development.

Roadside lifesaver given parking ticket

Kelly Harry, 29, who works in Devonshire Street, near Regent's Park, had stopped in a 20-minute parking bay in Lewisham when she spotted a crowd around a man.

She realised he had no pulse and used her first aid training to try to revive him until an ambulance arrived. Returning to find a £100 ticket on her car, she spoke to a warden who said she could not cancel the ticket but would note the circumstances.

Socialist Party takes up the fight against ALMOs

"For some weeks we have been using a petition from our two councillors Ian Page and Chris Flood, which nearly everyone we spoke to signed, demanding a fourth option. Lewisham council recently announced that they have appointed a 'shadow ALMO board' and aim to set up an ALMO company over the next few months.

The council claims that ALMOs give tenants and leaseholders a bigger say. But the board that will manage many of our homes is designed to make sure that the seven tenants' and leaseholder reps on this board are in a minority. Most places go to appointed councillors (Blairites at present) and business representatives."

Leisure centre should be knocked down

LADYWELL Leisure Centre should be knocked down to make way for a new school, according to an independent body. The School Organisation Committee (SOC) voted in favour of Lewisham council's plans on Thursday.

Afterwards Lewisham Mayor Steve Bullock said: "This decision is recognition that our plans for building a new school in the north of the borough are justified and necessary.

School revamps are axed

A DECISION to scrap refurbishment plans for two schools has meant pupils will have to go on learning in cramped conditions. Lewisham council had drawn up proposals to revamp Ashmead, Childeric, Downderry and Gordonbrock primary schools.

But at last Wednesday's Mayor and cabinet meeting, Mayor Steve Bullock decided that only the first two would benefit from a £9million Government grant.

MPs approach the disengaged

Parliament has attempted to reach places it doesn't normally reach with the launch of a scheme for people from black and ethnic minorities to shadow MPs from all parties.

Bridget Prentice, Labour MP for Lewisham East, referred to the Power Inquiry's suggestion of reducing the voting and candidacy age to 16, saying: "government is keeping this decision in active consideration".

She also spoke of projects where youth are directly involving themselves in the political arena such as the newly established Young Citizens Panel in Wales, where approximately 300 young people discuss current issues affecting them.

Fury at back garden flats

RESIDENTS in Lee have been angered for the third time over fresh plans to build on a back garden. Plumstead-based developer Kallar Investments Ltd caused concern last year with plans to build three flats behind 17 and 19 Northbrook Road.

Neighbours objected, saying the timber-clad, flat-roofed extension would not blend in with the surrounding Victorian houses and would take away their privacy.