18 April 2006

18 April 2006

You thought I'd quit! (So did I ;)

Yobs get free pass to cause trouble

FREE public transport is to blame for yobs, according to a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator. Bus travel is free to under-16s under Mayor Ken Livingstone's scheme and children can also get on trains from areas such as Lewisham, Sydenham and Hayes.

Mr Verrinder said: "Ken Livingstone issued travelling passes to kids so they can stay out all night."

The evil butcher

Evil Belfast man John McGrady - who has a horrifying history of sex attacks on girls - last week admitted strangling 15-year-old Rochelle Holness and chopping her body into nine pieces after snatching her from a south London street. McGrady, 48, placed the girl's body parts in bin bags and wheeled them in a shopping trolley to a rubbish chute in the block of flats where he lived in Catford.

Rochelle's heartbroken parents last night branded the killer "inhuman".

Wallace determined to finish his own long, hard road

Danny Wallace used to play for Manchester United; now he is training for next Sunday's London Marathon. Slowly, often painfully, always precariously. He falls over, regularly in the street. Jen, his wife and training partner: the one who hauls him to his feet when he collapses. The one who has pretty much been hauling him to his feet since they met at a park in Deptford, south London, both aged 14.

Brockley Drug Raid

POLICE officers felt the heat as they weeded out a cannabis factory.

Officers from Brockley safer neighbourhood team raided the drug den in Malpas Road, Brockley, after noticing "enormous" amounts of heat coming from the property. Around 400 cannabis plants were seized and the factory was closed down following the raid on April 7.


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