04 April 2006

04 April 2006

Sexual Lewisham

ONE IN nine people in the UK have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) a figure spread evenly between men and women. But despite similar risks across the sexes, the numbers of men visiting sexual health clinics is disproportionately low.

Sexual health services in Lewisham, for example, have seen this divide first hand and state just one in 10 of their clients are male a trend reflected in many clinics across the south east.

Marked Crime (Report from USA)

One London neighborhood, the Borough of Lewisham, has created a program by which residents can snap photos of graffiti with their mobile phones and submit a cleanup request electronically. The government cleans up the mess, then sends a message back indicating the work is complete.

Smaller cities count on neighborhood pressure and parental involvement to help limit graffiti. But Longmont is getting too big, local experts say, to rely on those techniques anymore. City officials have convened a task force of police officers, code-enforcement officials and neighborhood resource experts to examine the problem and offer possible solutions.

Babyshambles arrested in Lewisham!

Pete Doherty's band mates in Babyshambles are reported to have been arrested yesterday, after being seen driving erratically. Patrick Walden, Adam Fickek and Drew McConnell were apparently pulled over in Lewisham, South London by police.

All three are said to have been arrested and taken to a nearby police station, where guitarist Walden was charged with drink driving, claims The Sun.

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