23 April 2007

23 April 2007

Apologies. It's been far too long but the real world got in the way. Apologies also for missing the blog meet, glad to see it went well. Gutted to miss out meeting many of you and saying hello again to some of you. Next time (sigh). Onwards!

ITV gets local in Lewisham with Local London Online TV.

Strike threat over post office closures in WH Smith

The Royal Mail is facing the threat of a strike today after announcing that scores of flagship Post Offices are to close with services transferred to WH Smith stores. The Post Office said that following a trial in six areas, a further 70 so-called Crown Post Offices are expected to move to the high street stores group by the end of summer next year.

The full list of the 70 Crown Post Office branches announced today to be relocated into nearby WH Smith stores include:

Bexleyheath, Bromley, Charing Cross, Forest Hill, Lewisham, Woolwich.....

Vision of the future

SIX sites in Lewisham have been earmarked as “major development opportunities”, attracting extra jobs and houses.

Three areas in Deptford – Convoys Wharf, Deptford town centre and Seagers Distillery – plus Lewisham and Catford town centres, and Millwall, have been named in the Lewisham regeneration strategy.

Lewisham joins slavery apology calls

The Mayor of Lewisham, Steve Bullock, has joined calls for British institutions to apologise to the descendants of slaves for their involvement in the ‘evils’ of the slave trade, at a commemorative service hosted in Lewisham Town Hall last weekend.
Bullock told The Voice that he had a personal responsibility to find a way to “express the sorrow and regret so many of us share.”

‘Despicable’ theft of crematorium’s roof

THIEVES have stolen the roof from a crematorium. Part of the copper roof was discovered to have been taken from Lewisham Crematorium on the morning of April 10, when workers returned after the Easter break.

Obese Lewisham residents too fat to be cremated

Rising obesity levels have caused crises in some crematoriums which are finding many coffins are now too big to fit in standard sized furnaces.

Some councils have been forced to invest up to £130,000 (Dh949,000) in outsize incinerators able to cope with expanding waistlines.Among them is Lewisham council, which has ordered a 44-inch furnace from the United States.

Lewisham worst place to raise a family?

Reader's Digest polled 1,162 parents with children under 16 and asked them to rate the characteristics of family-friendly locations - giving these a rating from 1 to 10, depending on their importance.

The factors were then weighted depending on the importance parents gave to them. Reader's Digest also used official data, such as Home Office crime figures, and Land Registry house price figures, to rank each area.

399. Oxford, Oxfordshire
400. Lewisham, London
401. North Lincolnshire
402. Rother, East Sussex
403. Kingston upon Hull
404. Haringey, London
405. Hastings, East Sussex
406. North East Lincolnshire
407. Waltham Forest, London
408. Reading, Berkshire
Source: Reader's Digest

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