14 May 2006

14 May 2006

Oh dear. As predicted my posts are becoming less and less regular and with an average of fourteen readers a day (the majority of them being google searches) I'm wondering if anyone out there in blogland (or even Lewisham!) has any articles, news or features they want to contribute. After eight months, 3708 unique visitors from Australia to Switzerland and an average of 97 visitors per week - it looks like Lewisham News is running out of steam. Anyway, let's move on.

Cameras set racial poser on car crime

BRITAIN’S most senior policeman Sir Ian Blair is facing a race relations dilemma after the release of figures that reveal almost half the number of people arrested in relation to car crime in London are black. Last week the Met attempted to explain the high number of arrests among blacks by the fact that they make up a higher proportion of the population in areas such as Southwark and Lewisham in south London, where the ANPR units operate.

Green team prepares to make a difference

LEWISHAM'S most experienced Green Party politician, Darren Johnson, believes his group of six is in an influential position.

Although Labour still holds power through its directly elected Mayor, Steve Bullock, it is two seats short of a majority on the full council. Cllr Johnson thinks Labour will therefore have to take more notice of the views of the opposition.

Explosion halts rail commuters

PASSENGERS were evacuated from a train after a flash of light and smoke came from the engine carriage.

Some travellers thought there had been an explosion when they heard a loud bang at Hither Green railway station shortly before 8am on Wednesday. Commuter David Brett said: "There was a big explosion and we were told to get off. It sounded like something had crashed outside because there was a crunching sound. It meant there was a lot of disruption and I was very late for work ." Firefighters from Lewisham and Lee Green were called to the scene.

Mayor's back but party's majority is gone

Mr Bullock gained 25,129 votes including second preferences against his nearest rival, Liberal Democrat Chris Maines, who got 18,889. In 2002 Mr Bullock got 24,520 votes but his closest challenger was a Conservative who only got 9,855.

UK man denied bail

A 45-YEAR-OLD man from the United Kingdom was arrested on Thursday in El Socorro, mere hours before he was due to depart Trinidad for London.

Paul Anthony Samuels was held by members of the Organised Crime, Narcotics and Firearms Bureau under ASP Franklyn Edwards on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, El Socorro. Yesterday, Samuels of South End, Catford in London, appeared before Magistrate Lianne Lee Kim in the Port-of-Spain Fourth Magistrates’ Court charged with trafficking the cocaine.

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