11 February 2006

11 February 2005

There's been a certain amount of slackness with updating over the last few weeks, for which I apologise. Personal circumstances could mean further changes over the coming weeks. Having moved out of the borough I could be looking at moving jobs as well - so the future of the blog is uncertain. If you have a blogger account and want to be involved in this blog - let me know. You can have multiple people posting and it would be a shame to lose it, even though just a handful of people read it (thanks guys!) and the majority of hits are from odd searches! Goes without saying it's unpaid and only updated through love of Lewisham ;) Onwards...

The race will then travel through Bermondsey, Deptford, Greenwich and Erith before travelling in to Kent. Lewisham Mayor Steve Bullock said: "If it is true that the Tour de France is coming here it is fanatstic news for the people of Lewisham.".

Bosses at the pest control- to-hygiene firm Rentokil have confirmed 245 jobs will go at its largest site in Catford where Initial Hygiene employs the workers. Rentokil will close the linen and workwear operations on April 30 as part of a total 1,700 job cuts country-wide. The firm has pledged to do everything possible to get workers jobs within other parts of the company, but cannot confirm this until the consultation period with workers and customers is finished.

LEWISHAM: Mayor Steve Bullock wants to impose a council tax increase of 2.5 per cent in 2006/7. The increase would mean a bill of £967.70 a year for Band D properties in the borough. But the Greater London Authority's part of the council tax - the precept - is yet to be set, so this figure is likely to rise. Mr Bullock's decision will be put to a vote at full council on March 1.

COUNCILLORS are supposed to represent the interests of their constituents but some it seems do it more rigorously than others. Figures obtained by News Shopper under the Freedom of Information Act reveal hundreds of complaints have been made by the 54 Lewisham councillors on behalf of residents in the past three years. The man who has made the most moans about the conduct of the council is Lib Dem leader Councillor Mark Morris.

POOR communication has led to delays in building a £16m leisure centre, a report claims. In September Lewisham Council confirmed the Downham Lifestyles Centre will open in February next year nearly three years later than originally planned. Now an independent report has blamed the delay on a "lack of clarity in communication" between the council and its chosen Private Finance Initiative (PFI) bidder.

A DRINK-driver led police on a high-speed chase when he took his mother's car for a spin. Inner London Crown Court was told how Gareth Clark forced two cars to swerve and pedestrians to flee as he careered around Forest Hill in a Renault car on November 16 last year. He was three times over the legal alcohol limit at the time. Clark, who was described as being an alcoholic since he was 15 by his defence lawyer Harry Drummond, finally stopped and was found lying in a garage doorway by police. Clark, aged 24, of Hennel Close, Dakers Road, Forest Hill, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving while disqualified, driving with excess alcohol, failing to stop and driving without insurance when he appeared before the court on January 25.

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