08 December 2005

08 December 2005

Trees replaced on the heath

THREE trees were planted in Blackheath to replace mature willows felled in June.

A willow, alder and birch were set in the ground during a ceremony this week beside the Prince of Wales Pond on Wednesday.

Lewisham council said the previous trees were chopped down for health and safety reasons. Gavin Moore, deputy mayor, said: "Blackheath is not just a historic landmark but a beautiful open space that the public can enjoy.

"We want to do everything we can to preserve its natural beauty and ensure it remains a place that everyone will still want to visit in the future." The council, which paid for the trees, said there were proposals to plant three more birch trees in the future but these would be subject to consultation and funding.

Feed the 'cows' rubbish in New Cross recycling field

NEW Cross became Moo Cross on Monday as recycling bins appeared in a new guise.

Lewisham council has transformed ordinary recycling bins into a herd of lookalike cows, set in a tranquil "field" in the heart of the hustle and bustle of New Cross.

The project Feed the Cows at Moo Cross, funded by the Onyx Environmental Trust, aims to draw attention to the under-used recy-cling site at St James', creating an environment that will encourage people to care for it.

The cows could be farmed out across the borough and even further afield should the scheme prove successful.

Schools could even get their own pet moo.

Lewisham Mayor Steve Bullock, said: "Moo Cross is a great way to get people recycling and help make Lewisham even greener.

"I'm urging people to take care of the cows and fatten them up with plastic bottles, cans, card, paper and glass."

Patricio Forrester, of Tonic Wonder Remedies, the company that designed the cows, said: "The site was a dead space and we wanted to bring it to life with beauty and humour."

Old enough to know better

THREE men have been hit with anti-social behaviour orders (Asbos) for persistently harassing passers-by on the streets.

Michael Marriott, Simon Paul and Harold Thompson have been banned from a large section of Deptford and New Cross, for their constant anti-social behaviour.

Now the borough's leader has used the case to underline his commitment to "name and shame" those people making other's lives a misery.

The trio were already the subject of interim Asbo's following a hearing at Woolwich Magistrates' Court in June.

At the initial hearing the court heard how the men frequently loitered around New Cross Road, acting in an "aggressive and abusive fashion".

The men were also accused of drinking in the street and offering to buy drugs for passers-by.

Permanent Asbos were given to the three men at a second hearing at the same court, on December 2.

Marriott, aged 43 who did not attend court and Thompson, aged 49, were given indefinite orders, while Paul, aged 40, was handed a two-year order.

The terms of the Asbos mean the three men cannot:

Enter a large area covering New Cross and Deptford, including Deptford High Street, Sanford Street and New Cross Road (apart from when travelling by bus or train).

‘We will name and shame the small number of people who are disturbing the lives of our citizens who want to get on with their lives in a clean, safe and friendly environment.’ LEWISHAM MAYOR STEVE BULLOCK

Appear in public together within a specified area of Deptford and New Cross.

Threaten, harass or intimidate anyone within the entire borough.

Loiter with the intent of using or supplying drugs to anyone within the entire borough.

District Judge Dennis Lynch warned the men they would be handed lengthy custodial sentences if they breached their orders.

The trio have been brought to justice following a year-long investigation by Deptford police and the council's anti-social behaviour team.

In April News Shopper criticised Lewisham's anti-social behaviour unit for refusing to release details of those receiving Asbos.

But Lewisham Mayor Steve Bullock says he wants residents to know about the people causing trouble on their doorstep.

He said: "We will not tolerate anti-social behaviour and we will stamp it out.

"People have a right to know who is restricted by an Asbo so they can report any infringement to the authorities.

"We will name and shame the small number of people who are disturbing the lives of our citizens who want to get on with their lives in a clean, safe and friendly environment."

Teen raped in gang attack

A gang has forced a 17-year-old girl to drink alcohol and use drugs before raping her in an alleyway.

Five men approached the teenager as she waited for a bus in New Cross, south-east London, at around 8.30pm on 28 October.

She is not from London and had spent the night with friends.

The men took her into an alley off Manor Avenue, where they made her smoke cannabis.

The youngest member of the group asked the others to leave and raped her.

When he was done, a second man indecently assaulted her.

She escaped and fled to a pub on the corner of a pub Upper Brockley Road and Ashby Road, where a woman helped her.

On the way she also knocked on a green front door, which was answered by a man with a baby in his arms.

Detective Constable Sally Leaver urged the man and the woman to contact police. "They are not suspects and I believe they may be able to provide me with important information."

She also appealed for help to identify the suspects.

Police has issued an e-fit of the rapist, described as white, aged 16 to 22, slim and 5ft8in tall. He wore a dark blue tracksuit, had light, spiky hair and said he was Polish.

The second sex attacker, also white, had an Eastern European accent. Detectives said he was in his late 20s, 5ft5in tall, heavily built and with thinning black hair.

The other three, one of which appeared about 40, also sounded like Eastern Europeans.

Before the attack one man's mobile phone rang with a Crazy Frog ring tone.

Anyone with information can call 020 8284 8300.

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