09 November 2005

Coulgate Street

Coulgate Street 3
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If you're ever near Brockley Station and wander onto Coulgate Street - head toward the Wetherspoons pub and turn around once you've crossed the road safely. Having already been stunned by the neon graf facing the station you'll then be greeted with three walls showing Bob Marley, Maya Angelou and Jimi Hendrix.

I'd like to see blank wall space used like this more in the borough.

More pictures of Coulgate Street here


obifromsouthlondon said...

extra kewl! gotta head down there.

there's also an interesting mural down deptford market, at the mid point near the HSBC.

(moe) said...

I think I know that - New Butt Lane? Used to be a girls face but I think they've painted over it with a new mural now. Will try and get down there.